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Planning a Positive Cesarean Section

As a pre-natal yoga and birth preparation teacher I am a self confessed birth ‘junkie’ and I literally can’t get enough of beautiful, empowering, kick-ass birth stories.

After I had my third baby in 2018 for some reason I felt my birth story didn’t ‘deserve’ to be told next to all the awesome birth stories I hear from clients and read online.

I’m not sure why this is- I think as pre natal yoga teachers we strive to teach techniques to aid positive ‘natural’ births and get SO much feedback on facilitating these- it’s honestly one of the best parts of the job. Mine, however, was an ‘elective’ caesarean section- which deserves to be told so here goes!

My birthing history is ‘colourful’ to say the least! My first birth was a home birth turned emergency section when an undetected breech was discovered mid chilled-out labour; then a difficult but amazing VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my second; then three devastating miscarriages one of which was an ectopic that required emergency surgery and the loss of a tube. (That is a very whistle stop tour of my history- there will be other blogs on this!).

So fast forward to my pregnancy with our third baby. Made it through the nauseating, anxiety ridden, knicker-watching first trimester- so far so good....anxiety levels dropping slightly....starting to enjoy it even....starting to make plans for hopefully another VBAC.......then at 18 weeks a massive terrifying bleed occurred which led to the first of many hospital stays over the remaining weeks. The weeks went on, the bleeding continued on and off, but baby was hanging on in there. We were then diagnosed with placenta previa and it became apparent that another vbac would not be possible so I had to make peace with the fact I would need another section, despite the fact that:

a) I had a lot of hang ups from my first section;

b) I had suffered severe trauma in the form of my miscarriages in the very theatres I would have to deliver in.

This is where I cannot praise staff Wishaw General Hospital enough. They were supportive and sensitive throughout my pregnancy and even more so on the big day.

My birth plan was three pages long and every member of the team on that day read it with due care and attention and tried their very best to do what we asked.

Here are some of the things among many I requested;

1) NO talking about my surgical past; 2) NO talking about previous trauma and losses; 3) Give me space before the birth to practice my ‘pranayama’ (breathing techniques); 4) Arms out the sleeves of the surgical gown; 5) Electrodes stuck to my back not chest to facilitate skin to skin; 6) Delayed cord clamping; 7) Discovery of sex on our own; 8) Immediate skin to skin all being well with baby; 9) DO NOT touch the vernix!

And the best, most amazing and awesomely empowering part:..............drapes to be lowered to watch baby come out and straight to me for cuddles.

I will never forget watching our astoundingly beautiful baby girl Clodagh Grace (our first after two boys) coming earthside. It was a healing, powerful, cathartic and special experience after months of worry and tension.

A truly positive birth. Thanks for reading if you got his far!

I'd love you to comment if you've had a similar positive c-section. Or if you are planning one and found it helpful!

Annie x

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