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Being pregnant is an exciting, beautiful time but it can also be tough! Hormones can be raging, your body is changing day by day, tiredness, morning sickness, back and joint pain, and that’s before you even have had a chance to think about the birth!


Did you know my pre-natal yoga course can help with ALL of these things - INCLUDING preparing you to birth your baby with grace and confidence?

What is involved in these classes?

These unique yoga and birth preparation courses are designed to nourish and nurture your pregnant body through specific yoga postures, develop key relaxation skills through a focus on breath work, and leave you feeling empowered with a strong belief in yourself and your ability to birth your baby with ease. 

The postures have been inspired by training in the Biomechanics of Birth, with Molly O’Brien from Optimal Birth and also incorporate suggestions for postures to help aid comfort during birthing. 

We cover a different birth preparation topic every week which at the end of your block (or several blocks- most women are with me from peeing on a stick to 40 weeks plus gestation!) you will feel empowered and excited to birth your baby. 


What my clients say about these classes

I attended Pre-natal yoga with Annie from 28 weeks pregnant right up until my due date. I can't speak highly enough of Annie and my whole experience at pregnancy yoga. I absolutely loved attending the classes and feel that they helped me so much to maintain a positive mindset when labour kicked in... when my contractions started I used Annie's breathing techniques (which massively helped) and with each contraction I thought to myself "this is another step closer to having baby in my arms".


I continued to use the deep breathing techniques right up until that very special moment that my baby was born. I felt overwhelmed, relieved and very grateful that yoga with Annie had helped me so much throughout my pregnancy labour and birth. I am now enjoying Annie Perry Yoga for mum and baby with my 6 month old baby boy and the classes are just amazing.


Annie is a beautiful person inside and out and I would recommend her classes to all mums and mums to be.

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