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They say it takes a village to raise a child, but often women find themselves navigating the world of motherhood with very little help from this village we hear so much about.


My classes help you to connect with this village, and find a tribe of other mothers to support you on this brilliant but often overwhelming journey!

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What is involved in these classes?

These classes incorporate so much for the post-partum mother. From about 6-8 weeks post partum you can join and embark on safe, healing and strenghtening yoga for your body. A body you may not even recognise or even feel at home in after having birthed your child. We also utilise postnatal healing techniques  such as breath-work, pelvic floor rehabilitation and self-massage. 


Your baby is very much included too! We incorporate giggly, fun, bonding baby yoga and massage for common infant ailments such as colic, wind, and teething. 


I promise you will leave these classes feeling cared for, understood and empowered as a mother. Also, just FYI, no one in my studio gives a fudge if your baby makes noise and cries- so leave that anxiety and unrealistic expectation of your baby at the door!

What my clients say about these classes

Following the birth of my son I attended the mum and baby classes. I found the classes were a safe haven to voice how I was feeling honestly and the support you have from Annie as well as the other mummy's to be/new mummy's was amazing. Exactly what I needed in these scary unknown times. A must for all pregnant ladies/new mums!

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