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Doula Client Testimonial

The Birth of Penelope 12.10.22

Don't take my word for it that hiring me as a doula will make such a difference to the birth of your baby. Let me share a testimonial written by  my wonderful client, Jemma


How we connected:

"I first met Annie through her brilliant pre-natal yoga class, it is wonderful and I highly recommend it. I immediately liked her and looked forward to the class every week."

Why Jemma felt she needed a doula:

"I had a lot of anxiety for the birth of my second daughter after a traumatic hospital birth with my first daughter. I started thinking about having a doula for more support and to advocate for me in my second birth. I thought I had researched and was well informed before my first birth but it was completely different from what I wanted. There was so much I didn’t know but didn’t realise at the time. Although my husband is amazing; he’s not a birth professional, with a busy job and our toddler to look after he doesn’t have masses of time to research everything for this time."

Why did she choose me?

"After finding out Annie was a Doula, there’s no one I’d rather have support me and my husband. She’s an incredible person, who radiates warmth and positivity.

Annie promotes home birth but one of the reasons I wanted her as my doula is that she understands that hospitals are required at times and every woman has the right to choose. I strongly believe had she been my doula at the hospital from my first birth, things would have gone entirely differently."

How did we prepare for the birth together?

"Before my due date I had sessions with Annie to help with my anxiety, she gave me strategies and really helped me deal with what had happened previously. I had wanted a home birth but felt I wasn’t able to do it on my own, she encouraged me that I could and how wonderful it would be. The amount of information, knowledge and support she gave was incredible. Leading up to and after my due date I was always able to message Annie and was surprised how quick her reply would be despite having three children and a business herself. I felt she was with me and my husband every step of the way."

As the birth gets closer......

"Before she started on-call for me she brought over her home birth kit and talked my husband through setting up the birth pool. After contractions started when I was 40+6 weeks, Annie came to my home and supported me through every wave, she showed my husband how to help me with contractions. Also helped him set up my birth space and pool. She hardly left my side and looked after me with such remarkable care. When I wavered during transition, within an hour of my daughter being born, and thought I couldn’t keep going, she was my cheerleader and made me feel like I could do anything."

Now for the waterworks whenever I read this....

"I will never forget, both myself and my husband completely agree we couldn’t have done it without her. Words can’t describe how grateful we are. I feel she’s healed my previous birth wounds and I’ve recovered so much better from her support. I think every woman giving birth deserves an Annie."

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