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My birth doula package provides wrap around care for you and your family during the antenatal, birth and post-natal period

Price: £1250


As a doula:

  • I cannot perform any clinical tasks or offer any advice or diagnosis.

  • I cannot make any decisions for you.

  • I can be a supportive presence.

  • I can attend to your birth space.

  • I can offer physical and emotional comfort.

  • I can advocate for you and support you in your decision making.

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Free Initial Consultation

  • Welcoming a doula into one of the most intimate and incredible moments of your life is a wonderful decision, but finding the right doula is so important too. I like to offer clients a no obligation meeting to find out if we are 'right' for each other. There are lots of amazing doulas in the area and you may want to meet with a few before making your decision. If we are a good fit for each other we can take some time before we make an agreement, there is no rush


​Antenatal Sessions

  • Once we have decided to work together, I provide two antenatal sessions which are tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your family. We can do these at my studio, The Luna Centre or at your own home. 


  • These sessions can encompass whatever you feel you need to prepare for the birth of your baby: Previous birth de-briefs; fear realease sessions; pre-natal yoga; birth physiology and biomechanics for birth (I have been trained to Advanced Level in these techniques); creating your birth preferences/plan; creation of a vision board or affirmations for birth; practising of physical skills for birth including breathing and the application of relaxation techniques as well as any questions surrounding practical baby care. 


  • I provide your own personal blank journal to complete. Journaling is a great way of connecting with your baby, identifying underlying emotions and visualising a positive birth experience. There is no pressure to complete and no-one will see your journal - it is just for you.


  • I have a selection of literature that you can borrow use to empower you in making informed decisions regarding your antenatal care and birth choices.



  • Unlimited emails, texts, telephone calls and private messages to answer any queries or concerns you (or your partner if applicable) may have. No question is too 'small' or insignificant!





  • You will also be given my fear release meditation free of charge to download and  listen  to as many times as you wish. 

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  • I will be on call for you 24 hours a day from 38 weeks until 42 weeks. I will of course try my best to attend outside of this time

  • I will be there from when you call for my presence until up to a few hours after the birth, depending on your needs

  • Hire of birth pool (you will just need to buy a liner)​

  • Hire of tens machine

  • Hire of birth ball and rebozo

  • I will provide you with unconditional love and unwavering support during labour and will stay with you afterwards. During the labour I will help prepare your birth environment, communicate your birth wishes to medical staff and support your family. I will offer practical support by way of biomechanics for birth positioning, rebozo (I am trained in providing these techniques), reflexology (I am a trained reflexologist), massage ( I am a trained massage therapist), and aromatherapy.


  • After the birth of your baby I will stay during the "golden hour" and leave once you are settled with your new arrival

  • I will support your birth partner to be fully confident and  present at the birth, ensuring they have shorts breaks and refreshments as needed

*In the case of planned cesarean births, I am able to provide support beforehand and whilst in recovery. I can also accompany you into theatre, with prior agreement with the hospital (please note this can vary between hospitals). The bundle is reduced to £450 to reflect that I would be available on the date of birth, rather than an 'on call' period, although of course if your baby decides to arrive early, I would endeavour to be there. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.*

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Post Partum

  • One post natal visit, which will include a gift of a hot meal and some baking. There will be a chance to talk as much as you want about your birth experience and I will help support your family with any questions or queries that may arise. I can also advise on some lovely homeopathic remedies to use to ease any discomfort post-natally


  • I can also offer regular postnatal support to help with feeding, chores, ensuring you have regular refreshments, nutrition and sleep, whatever is needed as you transition into your role as a mother.  This support can vary from 1-2 visits in the first week as you settle in at home to regular visits up to 6 weeks postnatally (additional charge see below)

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Additional Services

  • Accompaniment to medical appointments: (Covid rules dependent) £30

  • Additional Prenatal preparation sessions: £30/hr

  • Pre or Post Natal Massage: £25/half hr; £40/hr

  • Additional post natal  visits: £30/hr

  • Maternity Reflexology: £50/hr

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